Getting Greener


111MedCo is making the move the greener packaging.  While we have kept our bar size the same 4oz, we have changed the shape of the bar from saddle to rectangular.

This means that our overall carton size has decreased by 23%, and our shipping cartons have reduced by 54%!  We have also changed the design of the carton to be a fold top rather than a glue-top, which means we use significantly less glue in our packaging.

Also, it’s time to love bar soaps. When you use up a bar of soap it’s just gone. There is no need to rinse out any container for recycling. Being a dry bar of soap, all it needs for packaging is paper. Liquid soap requires a bottle, and it’s often a plastic bottle. Yes, we can recycle but not using plastic is always better if you can help it. Bar soaps are lighter and last longer, which means a much lower overall carbon footprint. It takes nine times more energy to transport liquid soap than bar soap. A consumer study discovered that people use 6 times more liquid soap than bar soap to wash their hands. That translates to an even lower carbon footprint per use for bar soaps! Lesser chemicals are required to make bar soap because bar soaps do not contain water and are more stable; which means better for the environment. Be good to the environment, your skin, and your pocket. Switch to a bar soap today!