111MedCo 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Soap Bar FAQs

Question: I know it says “no fragrance,” but what does it smell like? The walgreens one smells awful, the panoxyl one was fine.

Answer: Customers have referred to the bar as smelling medicinal. Here’s what we can say, even if you find it smells medicinal while you are washing/lathering with it, the lather will rinse clean. Try the bar, rinse it off, dry your skin and smell. It will be clean. This bar is completely returnable for a full refund of you do not like it. We spent a considerable amount of time to formulate the bar so it works on acne and uses as few other ingredients as possible. Adding fragrance to mask the medicinal smell could lead to skin irritation and we believe acne skin is already feeling irritated. Sorry for the long answer but you and your question are important to us and we want to address is. Thank you, 111MedCo

Question: What is the ph of this soap? if you don’t know, who can i contact to find out? thanks in advance!

Answer: The pH of our 111MedCo 10% benzoyl peroxide bar ranges from 6-6.5 As a reminder: If pH < 7, then the solution is acidic If pH = 7, then the solution is neutral If pH > 7, then the solution is basic

Question: Can I see the ingredients ?

Answer: The image of the back of the carton details each ingredient. They are located on the bottom of the Drug Facts Label. It is the second image of the 4 images. Thank you, 111MedCo

Question: What is the shelf life of this product? It’s hard to find so I may buy multiple bars, but not if it expires in a few months.

Answer: This is a great question! Thank you for asking it. Our current inventory expires in July 2021. We don’t plan on going anywhere so don’t feel you have to stock up. One of the long term goals is to ensure that this bar is consistently manufactured for everyone for a very long time. Thank you again for your question. 111MedCo

Question: does it sud ?

Answer: Our 10% BPO bar does lather nicely. Thanks for checking in with us and feel free to ask more questions. 111MedCo

Question: Can this product be ship to Japan?

Answer: Hi, thank you for asking this question. In some countries 10% benzoyl peroxide is considered prescription strength and cannot be ordered online. We are sorry that you are not able to purchase the product in Japan but we thank you for reaching out to us. We will begin to look at what kind of bar we can make that will be acceptable by the Japanese Health Authorities. Arigatou gozaimasu, 111MedCo.

Question: Is this product cruelty free?

Answer: Yes, our product is cruelty free. Thank you so much for asking!! We will add that to our information on the listing. Have a wonderful day, 111MedCo

Question: Is this product plastic free?

Answer:  Yes, the product is plastic free. Why to love bar soap? We throw out more than 552 million shampoo bottles every year. Switching to bar soaps prevents that. When you use up a bar of soap…..it is just gone. There is no need to rinse out any container for recycling. Being a dry bar of soap, all it needs for packaging is paper. Liquid soap requires a bottle, and it is often a plastic bottle. Yes, we can recycle but not using plastic is always better if you can help it. Since plastic can only be recycled 2 to 3 times before their structure weakens too much for further processing, we all know where plastic bottles ultimately end up in. Bar soaps are lighter and last longer, which means a much lower overall carbon footprint. It takes 9 times more energy to transport liquid soap than bar soap. A bar of soap typically lasts longer than a bottle of liquid soap. A consumer study discovered that people use 6 times more liquid soap than bar soap to wash their hands. That translates to an even lower carbon footprint per use for bar soaps! For the same amount of bar soap and liquid soap in weight, the bar soap will last 6 times longer. This is the reason the manufacturers moved towards selling liquid soaps in the first place. It allows them to sell 6 times more products. Lesser chemicals are required to make bar soap, which means better for the environment.

Question: How often should you use this soap?

Answer:  You can use the bar every day. It depends on how sensitive your skin is. We are sure many others will comment on your question as everyone uses the bar slightly different. Try it every day. If your skin gets irritated, then move to every other day. Thanks, 111MedCo

Question: Does this also help with blackheads on your face & thighs?

Answer: First, blackheads 101: blackheads are essentially pores that are dilated and filled with oil and dead skin cells. Which means you have to remove the oil and dead skin and benzoyl peroxide can help with that. You can use our bar on both the face and body. Many of our customers use the bar to treat acne on the backs, chests and other areas.